Bike Ambulance Service At On Road In India – Long Last Life


Are you excited what is Bike Ambulance service? let’s start the journey from past. People introduced bike ambulance service during the first World War by the British, French and Americans. As MotorBike ambulance is of lightweight, speed, and mobility. The main goal is to save lives. Recently, Due to the requirement country like India have also started Bike ambulance. The Motorbike ambulance service helps accident victims carry to a Primary Health Center for First Aid in case of accidents.

MotorBike Ambulance Service – Gives A Ride To Long Way To Live Life

Every living thing has the right to live in this world. But due to some mistakes, day by day people lost their lives. Every minute six people lost their lives out of ten by a road accident. As the lack of immediate treatment or proper first aid not reaching on time. The bike ambulance service has given a way to overcome all those circumstances. Meanwhile, These bike ambulance service will be more helpful for the on-road hilly regions where four-wheeler ambulance can’t be reached. So, we can take the help of motorbike ambulance services to take them to the hospital easily.

Firstly, Bike ambulance vehicle launched in Bengaluru India on April 16, 2015. And, Services of bike Ambulance on a motorcycle is implemented in multiple other states of India such as Chattisgarh, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, and Haryana. Recently, The Himachal Pradesh state also started bike ambulance service in the country, after Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Goa.

Advantages of Bike Ambulance service

The main advantage of a bike ambulance service is that it can easily navigate even through a heavy traffic. Most ambulances are stuck in traffic. During the critical time and many lives are lost due to this. So to prevent this situation, a bike ambulance service is an easy solution. This is most affordable free services to the poor similar to 108 services.

To set up a medical assistance in congested areas, there is a need for First Responder Vehicles (two-wheelers) to assist. These FRV’s also called as bike ambulance vehicle. he trained paramedics will drive these vehicles. They will carry a basic first aid kit, medicines, and other requisite items.

Bike Ambulance paramedic doctor will reach the place of incident occur, observe the condition, provide first aid, if required and stabilize the medical condition of the patient till the arrival of the ambulance at the victim spot. The other likely benefits of bike ambulance service include low operation and maintenance cost, increased chances of survival and stabilizing of the patient or accident victim. It shall reduce the incidence of human loss and sickness by ensuring that patients receive appropriate medical care within the value time.



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