Electric Powered Bikes – A Safe Travel to Home

electric powered bikes

At last, Electric Powered Bikes started at Hyderabad Metro stations to travel home. Really I got tired of waiting for a transport to go home. Moreover, We people work almost eight to twelve hours a day. Also, In between travel time is two hours and due to heavy rushes in metro rail, we can’t reach earlier to home.

Considering these problems Hyderabad metro rail limited announced electric powered bikes
to the metro passengers from 15th August. To travel on the e-bike, the passenger has to use the Metro Bikes app for document verification. Make to get their license from the application. And, Rs 4 per km for the bike have to pay by the passenger.

Electric Powered Bikes

We can drive the Electric Powered Bikes to home at night and drive back to the metro the next day. At present, We can avail of the electric powered bikes service in Metro stations of Secundrabad, Nagole, Miyarpur, Rasoolpura, Parade Ground, and Begumpet metro stations.

NVS Reddy managing director of HMRL said that passengers will only be charged for the distance traveled. Therefore, The aim of introducing e-bikes on the basis of protecting the environment. Soon, All the non-renewable source bikes will be replaced by the electric powered bikes.



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