Top 10 bikes Under 2 Lakhs

bajaj pulsar rs200KTM 200 Dukeyamaha r15

Bikes the only thing which youngsters Loves a lot. The bikes are being part of their life last from long years. But their Desire Towards the latest model of bikes are going into vain. Most of their Taughts Are being varnishing due to the Lack of the knowleage regarding the Updated prices. The Top 10 bikes including prices are shown below



It is one of the top 10 bikes in India. The Main thing which user attract to this bike is the look it posses. Well it measures 2257 mm in lenght , 780 mm in widht ,1140 mm in height & it has a ground clerence of 200 mm. And it costs 1.85 Lakh as per indian currency. It is the best option for the users who love more weighted bikes.

2. KTM RC200

KTM 200 Is one of the top 10 bikes. The Performace of Engine IN ktm is quite good compared to other bikes. It has a power 9000 RPM & torque of 7500 RPM. Most of the students prefer this bike. The sale of Ktm has been increasing day by day due to the attractive look it posses and most of people love the Sound of ktm. It posses the price tag of 1.7 Lakh. By considering all the features it is considered as one of the top 10 bikes.

3. KTM  DUKE  250

KTM duke 2the bike whick do50 is one of the top 10 bikes in India. All ktm bikes posses same features but the only difference lies in their  power and the body finish. Duke is the Slimest bike which youth love a lot. People who love slim bikes Try this


It stands in 4 rt place in top 10 bikes. Mahindra company bikes are prefered mostly by Employes and the aged people. The outlook os this particular xt 300 is the frount part of bike is so designed that it looks same a two eye monster. It also costs 1.7 Lakh which is similar to KTM.



Royal Enfield the bike which need any introduction why beacause it has been known to many people irrespective of age groups. Thunderbird 350x is one of the type of royal enfield models. It is considered as top 10 bikes Due to the features it posses. It costs 1.5 lakh which is low compared with ktm.

6. KTM DUKE 200

Ktm bikes the name which we listen from most of the Yongsters when we ask them reagarding their favriot bike. It is one of the top 10 bikes due to the Sale it posses and the features. It cost 1.4 lakh which is very low when we compare with the ktm duke 250.


Bajaj bikes are user friendly and these sort of bikes are liked by most of people due to their smooth torque and the outlook. Every year bajaj releases a new bike with attractive features with economical price. Dominar is one of the top 10 bikes in India. It costs 1.4 Lakh which is similar to ktm duke 200


Royal Enfield bikes are considered as one of the top 10 bikes due to the outlook and the features it posses. RE bikes are mostly liked by the people of age groups 25-30 years. It costs 1.3 lakh.

9.  R15 VERSION 3.0yamaha r15


R15 bikes resembles sports bikes. Most of the people who love sports bike they prefer these R15 bikes. it is one of the top 10 bikes. The speed and the torque is posses is the most liked by the youngsters. It costs 1.25 lakh and it is very economical compared with KTM & RE bikes

10. BAJAJ PULSAR RS200New Bajaj Pulsar RS200











Pulsar is the first sports bike introduced into the Indian market. Whenever we ask people regarding a sports bike they know, the first name that comes to their mind is PULSAR. It is the former sports bike which looks slim in structure and also low weight compare to RE & K T M Bikes. It Is Very Economical and it cost’s 1.3 lakhs. This is considered as one of the Top 10 bikes.



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