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As we are south Indians we love to eat rice the most, the famous rice cuisine in Telugu states is biryani. we all know that Hyderabadi biryani is world famous cuisine, but now mandi is on its way to reaching the hearts of food lovers.

Mandi – Cuisine

The Mandi cuisine is basically originated from Yemen and it has gone all the way to Arab countries now it is becoming a famous dish in the two Telugu states. This dish is similar to biryani but cooking style is different, Biryani is known for its spicy masala flavors but this Arabic food gets its flavor from less masala flavoured rice. So that you won’t feel heavy by eating it, you know the more you have it you feel like having it again and again. you have different variance in mandi like chicken,lamb,fish and prawns, but  I personally prefer having the traditional lambor chicken mandi.


serves in a quite heavy plate, one small family can enjoy this dish. One of the things I like most while eating mandi is that the seating arrangement I just loved it. It is very charmed that the restaurants providing mandi are serving the mandi in its traditional low lying seats called Majolica seating arrangement to provide us with that Arabian feeling.

Best Mandi Restaurent In vijayawada – Taste the Heaven

Barkaas Arabic restaurant


It is a famous restaurant in Vijayawada for Mandi. It creates a lovely environment for food lovers.


Royal Nawaab Restaurant


This restaurant definitely attracts food lover by providing the traditional look of Arabian culture to the restaurant. You can have the more delicious lamb Mandi.


Arabian Mandi Restaurant


This restaurant also provides the best types of Mandi in Vijayawada





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