Night Food Courts Vijayawada


In the mornings, the food will always be available in Vijayawada. But now the timings are very unpredictable for the people who work at night time. At this present situation, the availability of food is the toughest problem faced by the people. So, at the time of need, the night food courts have been started in Vijayawada. The night food courts have started in Vijayawada in December 2014, So we can enjoy food even at nights. The  places in Vijayawada which serve food at night are

1.Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium

The first food court is Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium which is located in Bandar road and also has announced that the police will provide security to make sure that people visiting this food court are safe from the strangers. The food will be available from 10:15 PM.

2.BRTS road

The second one is at BRTS road which is near to Satyanarayana Puram and this is the central place that covers Satyanarayana Puram, Kedareshwarpet, Mutyalampadu, Madhura Nagar areas. Here itself the lights will be on from 10.15 P.M

3.Pandit Nehru Bus station

PNBS is the biggest bus station in India. Here we have availability of food, 24/7 hours which is very useful for the passengers who travel long distance.

4.Vijayawada Railway station

Vijayawada railway station is the fourth busiest railway station in the country. In the railway station premises, the only night food court is there where food will be served throughout the day.

 The items which are available at these food courts are Manchuria, Pani Poori, Noodles, Chicken fry, Biryani, Tandoori chicken, Gongura chicken, Pot biryani, Kababs, Ice creams, Milkshakes, Roti’s, Butter Nuns which will be available at reasonable prices.

So, we can enjoy these foods even at the late night too which will be helpful for night workers.


The foodies can enjoy all these items at night time in Vijayawada. Tourists must also taste the food at these food courts at least once.




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