royal Enfield pegasus (an army group name)

Royal Enfield Pegasus
Royal Enfield Pegasus

royal Enfield pegasus (an army group name)

The new Royal Enfield Pegasus which has been made in tribute to the Pegasus airborne division for which Royal Enfield supplied 125cc bikes to be dropped by parachute on D day and affectionately known as the “Flying Flea”.

The word pegasus represents winged horse symbol its means freedom and this symbol stenciled on the tank and it’s looking more vintage and beautiful.

A limited edition special royal Enfield classic 500 pegasus a single cylinder air cooled 499cc engine the bike comes in two colors are service brown and olive green i.e, especially for Indian army.

And the bike is available only 1000 units and in India will be getting only 250 units so hurry up if you are looking to buy this royal Enfield pegasus and the price starts around – 2.40 lakhs.

royal Enfield pegasus booking online- if you want to book or test ride this bike visit royal Enfield official website –

Specifications & features :

Royal Enfield pegasus limited edition uses the same 499cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine that produces 27.2 bhp and 41.3 nm of torque and it’s a 5-speed gearbox. The suspensions and brakes are used from the same classic 500 standard version.

As per the customer point of view, Royal Enfield does not make any technical changes releasing the bike without any advanced features like ABS. Simply they changed the paint and a few saddle bags. But if you are reading this article and planning to buy go for a test ride.



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