Amer fort

amer fort

Amer Fort:

Amer Fort is a town with an area of 4 square km,  located in Amer, Rajasthan, India. Located 11 km away from the Jaipur. fort built with the red and white sandstone. This fort epically representing the Indias greatest architecture.


The Town Was originally built by the Meenas and later ruled by the Raja Man Singh. Amer fort is famous for its artistic Hindhu style elements with the largest ramparts, series of gates.

The Entrance gate of the Amer fort sun gate named as Suraj pol, by walking through we will reach to the Jaleb Chowk.

Some road routes would take you to the moon gate named Chand pol that is exactly opposite to the sun gate. The entrance ticket and other information you get in the courtyard. You can hire an audio guide or guide at the ticket counter. After crossing the main gate you can find some stairway that would lead you the main place.

The visitation hours are from morning 8 to 6 in the evening. Avail elephant ride from morning 7:30 to afternoon 12: 30.

Entrance fee for the foreigners Rs.550 per person, for Indians Rs.25/-

Price of elephant ride is Rs.1100/-

Maota Lake:



The ancient name of Maota is “Mahavata”, but commonly named as Maota. The Lake is Located at the base of Amber Fort, A small Iceland named Kesar kyari bagh located at its centre, lush and gardens.

The speciality of this lake is collecting the rainwater flowing down from the nearby hills. which is the source of water for Amer palace.

The hall of the public audience:

public hall

Hall of public audience is inside the Amer fort.  a large hall that stands upon the support of two row of pillars. hall is open on all sides where the emperor sits and listen to people petitions and meet officials.

Shila matha Temple:

shila matha temple

shila matha temple located inside of Amer Fort.This temple was built at the end of the 16th century by Maharaja Mansingh, Maharaja brings kali matha slab from Bengal to defeat king kedar in a war, the ancient history of the temple is kali matha appeared in the dreams of maharaja to bless him and maharaja promised her to established her shrine in his capital. tourists of all countries come and visit Durga matha.

Light Show:

amer fort light show


The show duration is 50 min and runs both in English and Hindi. mainly focus on the history of the Jaipur and fort. it shows the ancient tale of the place.

The cost of the light show in Hindi would be Rs.100/- per person, in English it is Rs.200/- per person.

Things you can do at Amer fort:

1.Elephant ride around the fort ends by afternoon so plan accordingly. if you are planning to visit with kids don’t miss this fun elephant riding plan ahead.

2.You can opt four wheeler ride which costs around 300 Rs./

3.Classical dance performances happen every evening at the such mahal

4.light show

5. Turban museum is free to enter, you can see a lot of collection of turbans.




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