Araku Valley – Ooty For Andhra Pradesh

aruku ooty of andhra

Here we come to Araku valley, Beautiful tourist resort often attract many people. So, Let’s begin this monsoon journey with adventurous cool breezes towards on-road bike to Araku valley.

Explore the life of the monsoon with friends or family to Araku valley which is called Ooty of Andhra.  It is the best trip for recently married couples to make memories in such a pleasant place. Araku valley is located some 120 km from coastal city Visakhapatnam which is also known as Vizag popularly. It is famous for its scenic beauty, waterfalls and streams flowing by the side of the train track and roads. Every individual travels to witness the beauty of places and to make unique adventures.

              Araku valley is a place to relax and enjoy the nature. The climate was so cool and tempting. Also, It is the best place to take photos.  Best time to visit is October to February for greenery all around. Travellers can go on bikes for natural experience with safety measures like jackets, helmets etc.  There are a few tourist spots nearby…

Araku valley Waterfalls

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the waterfalls? It is the best suitable place for youth and kids. Although there are few waterfalls located near 15kms like Katiki waterfalls, Chaparai waterfalls, Sangda waterfalls etc. Katiki waterfall 50 ft high around 4 km away from borra caves. This waterfall is famous for trekking activities. However, it is exciting and horrible during trekking but the moment when you see the waterfall you will feel like heaven. Bamboo chicken is very famous. Coming to Chaparai waterfalls, it is a popular tourist attraction with the endless stream through wide rock formations. Additionally, It is such an eye feast for nature lovers attracting many tourists. As Araku valley is very popular for waterfalls you have many waterfalls to see and enjoy.


Borra Caves

Moreover, Borra caves is a natural wonder as the rocks are formed and designed by nature.  It is a different and rare visit place in the world. Borra caves were located at a distance of 36km from Araku valley with one-million-year-old limestone caves and the deepest caves. Travelling through the road area to Borra caves was a fantastic experience you can have as it is passed by hills and forests. One has to bow his head to Mother Nature for creating architectural Borra caves. Also, Lord Shiva temple is located at the topmost stairs with different lighting arrangements Eat well before going as one have good stamina to walk all around the caves.


Padmapuram botanical gardens

It is located at a distance of 2.5 km from Araku valley. Lovely garden to roam around with rare species of flowers, trees which is a greet to the eye. The special purpose of this garden is to supply vegetables to the soldiers. This was mostly enjoyed by kids riding in the toy train but adults can also have their fun of experience swings to the heavy breeze. Likewise, It is a treat for nature lovers to witness the real beauty.

Araku tribal museum

Good sightseeing place for evenings. However, It is a good experience not only to enjoy but also useful for kids knowing about tribal arts, tribal culture, ancestral properties etc.

                 Also, There are different parks and waterfalls which are unique to other places. Araku valley is an eye feast for nature lovers. AP Tourism Development takes initiating to develop the tourist places. We all are the creators of nature, one has to feel and experience the beauty in it.

“Therefore, It is better to spend your money on experiences rather than material things”.



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