Araku is one of the most tourist places in andhrapradesh


Araku is one of the most visited tourist places in Andhra Pradesh. It’s often called as dream destination of India. Araku is best known for the winter destinations as it is the best place to chill out in winter. Be it with friends or a family trip or honeymoon trip Araku is one of its own kind. From Borra caves to Tea plantation, each and every scene is a candy to the eye. It’s also known as Andhra Ooty.

Here are few things to do in Araku


The Train Journey

First time to Araku? Never miss that awesome train journey. It’s much fun loaded as you travel through those beautiful tunnels and Breathtaking valley. This experience is once in a lifetime. Catch a train at 7 o clock in morning at Vishakapatnam. You will reach around 10:30.

It’s advised you to take A vehicle instead of any travel bus as you can go wherever and whenever you want. Jeeps are available there and drivers know the places very well.

Borra Caves

One of the best and a must place to see in Araku is Borra Caves. The view of river Gosthani the from Borra caves steps will make you feel like you are living in a dream. The Idol on the top of caves, reaching it through narrow steps will make you feel like an adventure. Don’t miss to watch Katiki waterfalls nearby.


Chaparai Waterfalls

The way you reach Chaparai Waterfalls will just make you awe. The green fields, beautiful view of the valley on one side and coffee plantation on another side. Stretching your legs on the overflowing waterfalls will make your soul jump with joy.


Padmapuram Botanical Gardens

Experiencing the dance of Tribal Ladies is the best part here. Even you can join with them and be feeling the life of tribal is the best and thrilling experience andSome Other Places like Araku Tribal Museum, Dumbriguda Waterfalls, Matsyagundam, Sangda Waterfalls, Tyda Park.

Never miss Bamboo chicken and pure organic coffee(available near coffee plantations)



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