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Must Have Bike Accessories and Gadgets for Bikes before doing Long rides:

As we know that people are travelling more these days on bikes like solo riding or group rides for their desired destinations, there are some most important Bike Accessories that need to be on the checklist before leaving for the ride.

  • Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit for Bikes:

Now a days every Bike, Scooters and mopeds are coming with tubeless tyres, you can be able to fix the punctures with in no time, and it will fit easily inside your toolbox.

  • Chain Maintenance Kit for Bikes:

During service intervals you need to check the chain sprocket condition is good. It is good to check twice before a long trip, and if needed replace it. On the go you need to lubricate the chain for a smooth drive. The best chain lubricant products are Motul and 3m care.

  • Disc Brake Lock for Bikes:

This is a portable security device, which is easy to install. It is installed in one of the holes on the disc brake of your Bike preventing from moving forward or backward without unlocking it.

  • Mobile Holder with Charger for Bikes : 

It is most important and must have bike accessory. By having it you need not to stop for charging your mobile, you can do it on the go.By placing it on the handle bar we can easily get now the notifications, or Most importantly for Navigation.

  • Helmet:

 As we all know of wearing clear and full face helmet can save you in many ways. It is most important thing to ride bikes, whether in the city or for the rides, you never know what will happen on roads.

  • Protective Riding Gear:

Riding jackets, gloves, pants, shoes (optional) Wearing the right kind of gear protects you from dust, rain.

  • Helmet Intercom:

If you are going for group rides on long distance touring, this would be very useful. It helps in finding your ride partners if they had lost in traffic or unknown roads, or to avoid traffic. 

  • Air Suspension add-on for seat:

 On bad roads you can get back pain. It provides great comfort and protects your back and spine from pain and damage. It provides right balance and air circulation for rider.

  • Action Cameras for Bikes: ( Optional )

With these you can record the journey or make a documentary by filming the scenes of places you visit on the go.

  • Multi Tool kit with Sockets For Bike:

Bike master has created a pocket sized multi tool kit, which has the major kind of tools that are useful in daily commute or long rides



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