Exploring Mulapadu Forest Beyond Cricke Stadium.

mulapadu forest

Yes!! Have you all remember the “Dhivara song from Bahubali – The Beginning movie. If yes, you know how Tamannaah is introduced. If NO, open You tube type Dhivara song pause the video at 0.26 sec, you will see a herd of butterflies revealing the Milky Beauty Tamannaah. It is quite surprising, that this dreamy location exists. SURPRISED!!! Mulapadu Forest is the place where you can see a variety of butterflies(not Tamannaah). Mulapadu will be a visual treat to witness the flying rainbows. Butterflies, Waterfalls, Medicinal Aromas, cool breezes, Fresh Air are the  attraction of Mulapadu Forest.tamannaah butterflies

Okay! what’s the connection between Rajamouli and Mulapadu forest?

Well, Mulapadu forest turns as new attraction for the people of Vijayawada for its Butterflies. If one has to see the beauty of Nature, he/ she should travel on monsoon. Romance of nature relax your stress and rejuvenate. . Mulapadu forest is one of the places which every trek lover enjoys.

mulapadu butterflies

Stop being caterpillars and fly like butterflies at Mulapadu forest

In monsoon caterpillars grows into Butterflies. Have you ever try to catch butterflies? Feeling Nostalgic!! Love for butterflies? knot your shoes to trek Mulapadu forest. In this hilly terrain of Mulapadu forest, various sizes, colors and patterns of butterflies welcomes you with sweetness. Butterflies teaches us the essence of life; fly colorful.

butterflies mulapadu

Mulapadu forest and the breeze of the herbs

Mulapadu forest is the less explore place in Vijayawada until an International Cricket Stadium cmes. Many Unofficial International Matches has been played in the Stadium. The forest is located in Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, Vijayawada division, Andhra Pradesh. Mulapadu forest, spreads over 3000 . acres, 24 km from Vijayawada. Medicinal plants like Ashwagandha, sarpagandha grows her and this mulapadu forest falls under Vanasamrakshanam (protection) Program. It is very good location for Yoga Lovers. Mulapadu forest is home for rare species like armadillo, monitor lizard and deer.

mulapadu forest

Mulapadu Waterfalls – NO Niagara Pls!!

This is a bit surprising to the localities of Vijayawada. We plan our weekend to Sagar for Waterfalls without knowing the waterfalls in Mulapadu Forest. Explore to Experience the beauty of the forest!! Mulapadu forest has 4 waterfalls (don’t expect Niagara in Vijayawada). Guys! feel the gusts of cold air, love the breeze, touch the freezing water, calm your eyes & mouth from mobile screens & Drinks (be careful in taking pictures, don’t make yourself to hang on the wall permanently).


Mulapadu Forest Trekking is for all ages

Good news take time to spread, it is an old philosophy any news can spread fast through social platforms. This happens to the city of hope, Vijayawada. Trekking caught up in Vijayawada with an interest in adventurous sports. A good number of treks is happening on every week offs. Middle – aged persons are healthily going for trek to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Mulapadu gave birth to International Cricket

Dream come true for cricket enthusiastic’s. It is the city privilege to have its own International stadium. AP Chief Minister Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu officially inaugurated the stadium on 13 acres of land with two grounds. These grounds are developed by ACA (Andhra cricket Association). BCCI had hosted 2 International test cricket between India A & New Zealand A, India A won both the matches convincingly. ICC players like Rahul dravid, Goutham Gambhir visited the stadium  as a part of the test tour.

cricket stadium in mulapadu

Planet of Monkeys

Forests without monkeys is not a forest at all. Monkeys are migrating in search of food.In this process they are captured, tortured, molested and trained by humans for different activities. Friends! Lets start planting fruit trees at mulapadu forest to stop the migration of monkeys.

monkeys in mulapadu

Threat to Mulapadu Forest Trekkers

The city’s trekking spot has turned into a litter zone with plastic and liquor bottles. Some trekking clubs strictly refrain from throwing waste in the Forest region. Littering happens not with the trekkers or the devotees coming to the nearby Hanuman temple. This happens with the village youngsters who abuses the forest by cutting bamboos, cooking and boozing in the forest. At the time of special days, devotees number increases and the usage of paper plates, plastic bags, water bottles etc., can be seen everywhere.


Mulapadu accepts all our sins and smiles with the beauty of Butterflies.

Caterpillars Do Butterflies Fly

Farmers are the caterpillars of the Nation. In Mulapadu village 1432 people are agricultural laborers. Trek also the lives of the farmers living in Mulapadu and shower the love & respect towards farmers.

Things to do in Mulapadu forest

Explore the beauty of butterflies and pose like Tamannaah!!

Tip: Start your trek with one route and end with a new route, you know the beauty of trekking.




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