Lambasingi – “Alaska Of Andhra”


Single or Couple, Family or Friends, Pack your bags, snacks to explore the life of Monsoon, Lammasingi or Lambasingi.

Yes, Monsoon is coming!! Lambasingi is waiting to feel your heat.

Single’s create groups, gather peers. Couples bluff your family, carry KS (i hope you know what i mean!). Family! Love & dustbins all you need. Friends lets cheers (don’t drink and drive). Well, Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh is turning to be Alaska of Andhra as weather is freezing day by day.


Lambasingi is the Place of Tribes of Visakhapatnam Agency.

Beauty of the nature can be see only through the lens of Humans. Of course, we understand the photographer in you and the memories you store, enjoy the Lammasingi beauty and freeze your excitement in the chilling whether.

Lambasingi is located in Chintapalli District, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh at an altitude of 1025 meters above the sea level. Lambasingi is the only place in the entire South India where snowfall can be seen. Hey!! Not so Dreamy but truly Nature at its best beauty.

Tribe Lambasingi

Travelers hit your deck and move on to Lambasingi.

Travelers move your bullets, classic’s, thunder’s, pulsars what not gear up everything with your important life savers; Tents, Helmet & Jacket. Roads are all good to ride, try to fill the tanks near to Lambasingi petrol station as there wont be any petrol stations available in the village.

Travel Lambasingi

Tourists pack your snacks along with dustbins to lambasingi.

As tourists you may not able to spend most of the time in Lammasingi as it is a place to feel and experience the snowfall. If you are a young couple or you want your kids to experience the snow fall then drop down here and feel the beauty of Lammasingi, Natures own creation.

tourists at Lambasingi

Chill out all day & Night at Lambasingi

Generally in lammasingi, sun wakes up at 10 Am! Sounds good for all the people of night owls. AP Government has taken steps in constructing resorts as there is a raise in the number of visitors visiting Lammasingi. Nights and the Early morning are the beauties of the village. Music lovers can enjoy the place with the nature songs from birds, grass & sizzling winds.

Resorts in Lambasingi

Lambasingi is full of good nature, people and food.

When your are in Rome be a Roman. Traveling to a place without exploring the culture, tradition, people and food is incomplete. Bongu chicken (Bamboo Chicken) is famous in this place but people living in lambasingi won’t sell these. Interact with the people spend some time to experience a new lifestyle of the tribe of Lammasingi and be a part of their family meal.

Lambasingi Culture & People

Before above all, remember we are the creators of Nature. Nature is to feel and experience the beauty of the creation. Lets be responsible citizens towards Nature & Lambasingi in keeping the place neat, clean and Eco friendly.






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