The Coolest Place in South India – Ooty

nilgiri hills - Ooty - The coolest place

Are you afraid of the summer heat that is going to hit you this year? Are you in search of the coolest place to spend this summer with your loved ones but unable to find one? Searching for the best honeymoon destination, to make your moment a beautiful memory? Don’t worry. I am here to help you out with this. I’m going to share my personal experience of going to the best and coolest place that gave me bliss in last summer.

In 2017, after finishing my MBA examinations, I was planning to go to a place where I can feel less summer heat. So, I started searching online for the best places to enjoy my vacation and listed out all the places I could visit in South India. Finally, I ended up choosing the coolest place in India, Ooty. (Well, in my opinion, that’s probably the best decision I have taken so far). It became a memorable experience for my family and me.

Our journey started this way

We started at 3:00 pm, from Vijayawada and took a train (Kerala Express) to Coimbatore. We reached Coimbatore at 5 AM, the next day and from Coimbatore junction we took another train, The Nilgiri express, and headed towards Mettupalayam. Trust me; this is the slowest train that I have ever hopped on. We can walk faster than this train. But the experience this train journey gave us is incomparable to anything. The train runs through the beautiful hill stations, tea plantations, the cool breezes, meadows, man-made lake structures, snake-shaped roads and lots more. My mom broke into tears from the happiness of seeing all those sceneries for the first time.

Nilgiri Hills ooty


We saw all Nilgiri hills, with all tea plants in the mountains, through the window. People, who live there, told us that it rains every day in Ooty and that’s why the Nilgiri’s mountains are always filled with Green leaves of world’s best tea plantations. The environment there is so pleasant. We could feel the snow on all our faces. When we reached Mettupalayam, I was not able to feel my face because of the cool breeze.

The Toy Train

From Mettupalayam, we took a toy train and I felt like I was in an amusement park. Finally, we reached Ooty at 12:30 pm the same day and from the toy train station, we took a car to reach our resort. The total traveling time took by us is nearly 1 day.

Toy Train in Nilgiri Hills

We can book our rooms through which can save us a lot of money which we may need for buying chocolates in Ooty. Yes! The chocolates in Ooty are so rich in taste but less in cost. We can get nearly 250 grams of chocolate for just 100 rupees. Sounds a great deal, right?

Places we have visited

  1. The Nilgiri hills and The Tea factory

After taking a bath and drinking a strong cup of aroma enriched and Elaichi flavored tea, we went to see the charming beauty of Nilgiri Hills. The word Nilgiri means ‘Blue mountains’. As per the name, the mountains appear in blue color. With Kerala on its west, Mysore on its north, Coimbatore on the east and south, these Nilgiri hills are mesmerizing.

Nilgiri Tea PlantationWe went on a trekking tour that day and ended up finding the tea factory. The tea factory is the best place to buy tea powder if you are planning to do so. The tea which we get here is different than any other branded tea. We can get white tea, green tea, black tea, and many other varieties and variants. Personally, I liked Oolong tea.

The tea factory

  1. Rose-garden

Have you ever imagined how it would be to watch different colors of roses and the fragrance of all those roses? Ahh. We love it. The rose garden is being maintained by govt of TN and it is spread across 4 hectares of land. We saw nearly 20,000 variants of roses. It was a visual treat for us. If you are planning to propose to the love of your life, take her/him to rose garden and I can tell you, they can’t say no. This place is chosen by many couples for their pre wedding shoots too! So better not wait.

Rose garden ooty

  1. Dodabetta Peak

Dodabetta peak


If you want to enjoy the full view of the coolest place of Nilgiris and Ooty, visit Dodabetta. Dodabetta is the highest peak of Nilgiris located at an altitude of 2637 meters and we can actually touch the clouds standing on the Dodabetta peak. We can see entire Ooty from the mountain peak. There is also a telescopic tower. But be careful, if you are planning to have snacks watching the view. Because there will be a lot of monkeys and they don’t mind stealing your snacks from you.

  1. Avalanche Lake

This is the best place for boating. the water here is so clear and the place is the coolest place I have ever seen. the location is well known as a shooting spot of many Indian films. the beauty of this place is beyond comparison.

Avalanche Lake


Do you know these unknown facts of Ooty- the beautiful and coolest place

  • Ooty is a home for UNESCO
  • Ooty is the birthplace of a game called, snooker.
  • The slowest train in India is Nilgiri mountain railways which runs at a speed of 10 km/hr
  • Britishers made Ooty as their summer capital of Madras Presidency before independence.
  • Ooty has been growing as an educational hub as many Elite institutions like Hebrew institutions are present here.

I got such a wonderful and unforgettable memories from this trip. I can never forget the beauty of this coolest place, Ooty. So, that’s all my experiences from this Ooty trip. I hope this will help you and plan for a trip to Ooty if you want to get mesmerized by nature’s own creation. If you travel Ooty, please do share your experiences in the comment section. I would really love to read them.



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