Papikondalu – A Pleasant Place To Spend Your Weekend With Your Family Or Friends


People often travel by road, train or airways how about by waters this time. papikondalu is a place which is located in Andhra Pradesh. The name papikondalu is derived from the Telugu language. Before it was called as ‘Papidi’ Kondalu– Paidi in Telugu means the middle partition of a woman’s hair. Later, it came to be known as papikondalu. Mountains on both sides which are divided by river Godavari gives justification to the name papikondalu.


This is the best place to spend your holidays with your family or friends. Traveling on the cruise, Papikondalu Mountain view, River Godavari, Forest area, Cool breeze, Music of birds, Riverside, Bamboo huts, Fire camps, Bamboo chicken, Bamboo Artworks, Snacks, Drinks, Food, Chatting with friends, Singing songs and Group dances how cool is that….. Believe me, this will be one of the best tours of your life

Causation (Warning)


  • Pregnant women, Child under age 5 and People in medical needs this is strictly not for you.
  • In Rainy seasons trekking mountains, boating & traveling on Cruise in the river is highly not recommended so be a way to this place in rainy season.
  • No Pets too.

Planning (When, How, Where and What)


  • The first most thing you should start with is to contact travel agencies in bhadrachalam which may provide different facilities like Guide, transportation, food & shelter in Bhadrachalam and in papikondalu, with different packages select the best one on your requirements.
  • Based on the date and time confirmed by travel agencies book your tickets to bhadrachalam.
  • Pack your bags with a pair of clothes, sweaters and a few other important needs
  • Don’t forget to pack your camera, trekking shoes, first aid kit and mosquito repellents.

I suggest you start your journey on Friday night. So that you can reach bhadrachalam by Saturday morning. After that, You can go for papikondalu sightseeing.  


Bhadrachalam (Refresh, Devotional Mode, Prayer & River Bank)


  • Bhadrachalam town is famous for Lord Sri Rama temple on the banks of Godavari river, which was constructed by Kancherla Gopanna nearly 370 years ago. This temple is against to cast and religion. So every year on occasion of Sri Rama Navami people of all religion and cast participate in this celebrations.
  • Bhadrachalam is located in Telangana state 312 kilometers (194 mi) east of state capital, Hyderabad,115 kilometers (71 mi) from Khammam, 177 kilometers (110 mi) from Suryapet and 178 kilometers (111 mi) from the Andhra Pradesh State Capital Amaravathi.
  • After a whole journey of a night, you will be at Bhadrachalam around 6:30 AM, the travel agency will provide you facilities to refresh. You can visit the Lord Sri Rama temple and the beautiful surroundings around.

I advise you to visit Sri Rama Temple and spend some time in the banks of river Godavari.


Start moving from Bhadrachalam (Drive to Cruise, Roadside Greenery and Cool Breeze of Riverbanks)

Around 9:00 Am this is the time you should start moving from Bhadrachalam to Cruise, travel agencies will provide you transportation facility to travel from Bhadrachalam to Cruise. When you are getting closer to cruise area you may not receive mobile signal so just call your loved ones who always care about you and let them know you may not available for 2 days on the mobile phone.


You will be traveling between green crops, fields, and riverbanks aside just go on with the flow enjoy the greenery & fragrance of nature which allows you to take a short nap.


Wake up! Wake up! Cruise is here (Excitement, Safety First, Mountain Views, Breakfast, Entertainment, Small Villages, Bamboo Trees, Bamboo Articles )

Your wait is over, I hope you will be loaded with lots of excitement if this is your first one on waters. One of the Cruise team will give you the way on a wooden plank from the shore into the Cruise gently walk into it. Keep your luggage in the ground floor of Cruise climb stairs you can see the seating arranged if you are on a group few of your friends will be clicking pictures with different poses join them, cheers, laughter and people doing crazy things, laughing out of joy you will be enjoying how happy is this…

Wait for the hold on Safety first, listen to the Chief of crews voice through the speaker, follow the guidelines, wear the safety jackets and sit tight in your seat when Cruise started to move.

Mountain view


The cruise will be open around with a top to prevent sudden rains and heat in summers, you can have the pleasure of clear mountain view, small villages, mountain crops and green water down the river. Here comes the hot breakfast around 11:00 Am which is served into your hands enjoy your breakfast with a green view.


When everything going good and you are in a feeling of joy here comes a Cruise entertainment team give you entertainment by making you dance with them and your group can enjoy commenting on their poor comedy and unrecognizable mimics.


The boat will be halted in a small village to see a small lake floating from top of the mountains the water is so pure that you can even see the stones and fishes under water. Click a few selfies with your friends and family.

People living in the village sell decorative items made of bamboo sticks they look really beautiful.

When you are there just pick one of them which always reminds you of the trip

When you are returning back to the cruise from the village please think about your friends, family, and children.

Journey On the Cruise


On the water, Cruise shifts up and moves a bit faster, which cuts the water flow and create a wave which collides with the actual water flow this should be interesting. On the other side, your friend will call you to show you something he discovered in the mountains or rivers, the other one starts making fun, someone takes initiative to sing a song, everyone in the group starts to sing with the person.

Hold on it is just to remind you that you are a visitor to this place, few villagers there sell turmeric powder and few other things in a plastic pack to mix them in water please don’t do that keep the environment safe and clean.

Take a break cruise team will arrange food on banks of river Godavari it will be a buffet, you can enjoy the food which starts with a Sweet, pickle, curry, fry, dal, sambar, papad and curd. After relaxing for 2 hours you will resume your tour to Papi hills.


Be alert do not remove your life jacket in any case chief of the crew again, in the next 20 minutes we are going to see papikondalu.

It is such a nice place where your cruise will be in the middle of a river. The mountains and greenery, the music of nature, sound from the water. When a cruise is cutting the flow of a river, birds singing songs you can enjoy the combination beauty of mountain and river.

It is one of the memorable times I had ever spent. A cruise will take a turn and lead you to the resort.


Bamboo Chicken

You may see about bamboo chicken on television or hear about this from your friends. But this is time to taste the bamboo chicken. Also, When you are walking into resorts group of villagers will sell you the hot bamboo chicken on the river banks of Godavari. Believe me, it will be the best chicken you have ever tasted.

papikondaluThe country chicken will be marinated and with a special mixture of spices. And stuffed into bamboo sticks and cooked on the fire. This whole preparation will take 20 minutes to get the well prepared one. Maybe because of the bamboo flavor or special spices brings out the juicy chicken with a special flavor


Papikondalu Resorts (Bamboo huts, Short naps, Evening talks, walk around the resorts, fire camps, Dancing, Singing, Drinks, Food)

The resort will be located half a kilometer away from the river bank. Bamboo huts are famous in these resorts. These Bamboo huts give you the experience of Military Camps. Top, bottom & side walls of huts are made of bamboo huts. Beds, Blankets, and Pillows are provided in the bamboo huts. If you want to chat with your friends you can slide up the two walls. And a group can sit inside the hut play cards. If it is winter it gives you a warm feeling inside the hut. Additionally, In Between 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm you can take a short nap. So that you can spend your long night at fire camps.

Banks of River Godavari

After your short nap, you can take a walk around the resort. You are located in between mountains and at the banks of River Godavari. The sky changes its color to red and then black. Birds start returning back to their nests and start singing to their child. This walk gives you a pleasant and peaceful evening.


Hey Guest! Don’t throw liquor bottles and plastics bottles into mountains and rivers let us keep the place clean and green

Night Camp in the banks of River Godavari Resorts


Few men from resort start arranging needs for Firecamp. It will lighten up around 7:30 Pm, people start gathering around the fire camp and Settle in their places. Meanwhile, The sky is decorated with stars and Moon. Friends start singing songs, and others follow them, couples start dancing for the songs. Drinks & Snacks are for sale in the resort. There is a call given by resort for lunch. Both Veg and Non-Veg food is available. Fish curry is a special dish available in your dinner. Fire Camp, songs, and dances continue again. As night getting darker people to start moving into huts only a few friends stay the whole night. You don’t even know how your time run out that night. Take a little nap which gives strength for trekking in the morning.

Trekking To The Forest


Wake up! Have a Tea, Coffee or milk refresh. Tie up your lace be ready for trekking once everyone in the group is ready to start walking into the forest. People start competing with each other, friends and family support each other to climb the mountain. One of your friends might leave behind wait for him. Therefore, A group is better than a single. Monkeys may follow you to tease your group does not hurt them it is their house we are just visitors. Moreover, If you see a small lake in the mountains then you are there. Also, You can play in the water with your friends or family. Throw water on your friend they will fight you back, be careful take care of your family and friends.


Back to huts have a breakfast it will be around 12:00 pm Sunday. Dinner at afternoon in the resort will be special with nonveg Chicken fry, Chicken Curry, Fish Fry and Fish Curry.

Goodbye! papikondalu after your dinner start packing your bags and get into cruise back, your heart may be heavy and feel like you lost something. Therefore, This tour gives you the best experience.



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