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Top Vintage Bikes are the most significant part of Indian commute. We even treat bikes as our family members. When it comes to Vintage bikes you see it as a passion or mad obsession, there is always a demand for vintage bikes. Let us see some top vintage bikes in India.

The Top vintage Bikes are:

Royal Enfield Bullet:

When we start talking about top vintage bikes in India the first thought that comes to my mind is Royal Enfield. Enfield has an interesting story. It started as a needle factory in England. Later they started manufacturing bicycles and bikes for the British army. Its era started in India in 1952 when Indian government chose Enfield bikes for army and police. It is the obvious choice for patrolling in hilly terrains of the northeastern region. Later Eicher India acquired Enfield India and made it Royal Enfield.

Whatever may be the reason it started, Indians loved it and adopted it as their own.
It has a 4 stroke air cooled engine with a whopping 346 cc. It has a right foot gear transmission.
Though it is a heavy bike (190kg) it offers a perfect ride. It has a hydraulic damping 155m suspension in the front and gas shock absorbers in the back which will not let bumps on the road to affect your ride. The braking is also well engineered to handle the beast.
And finally the trademark thumps of the bullet which some feel annoying but it is really a sort of music to any Bullet lover. It is so important people ultimately judge you from the beat of your bullet.

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Yamaha Rx 100:

Yamaha RX 100 is first released in 1985.Yamaha RX 100 is known for its raw engine power which makes the rider feel that 100cc is truly put to use. Though 100cc seems to be a small number the bike is no less competition for the higher cc vintage bikes. It is light in weight compared to other bikes but handles all situations pretty well. This is the lightest bike in our list of top vintage bikes.

The Rx 100 came with a powerful two-stroke 98cc engine with a power of 11hp @8500 rpm. It has a four gear transmission. It is packed with telescopic front suspension and expanding drum brakes. It can reach up to a top speed of 120kmph if it is properly tuned and conditioned.
This bike became very popular after its release. Enthusiasts customized and tuned it for races.  But its manufacturing was stopped in 1996 due to restrictions over emission. The old ones are still circulating in the second-hand market. If you want to collect top vintage bikes in the budget this bike can be your choice. It has low maintenance compared to other old bikes.


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 Yezdi Road King:

Like all the top vintage bikes Yezdi Road King also has an interesting flashback. Yezdi road king is manufactured by Ideal Jawa based on the bike CZ 250 race bike which won runner-up in 1974 world motocross championship. Yezdi had a good sporty look which lacked in Royal Enfield those days.
Yezdi road king was used by many winning road racers in India. It is one of the early sports bike models in India.
Yezdi road king is a heavy built bike with 140kg weight. It has a 250cc 2 stroke engine with twin exhausts. It has a four gear transmission with a semi-automatic clutch. It has telescopic hydraulic front suspensions and rear hydraulic shock absorbers.
This bike has the sportiest look on our top vintage bikes list.

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Yamaha Raj Doot:

Yamaha Raj Doot is also known as Yamaha RD 350.Where RD meant ‘road going two strokes’. It is manufactured by Yamaha Japan and promoted by Raj Doot in India.

It is based on Yamaha RD350b but it is made more suitable for Indian roads. It is the first twin cylinder bike in India. It has been introduced in the market to compete with Royal Enfield and Yezdi Road King.
Raj doot is one of the high-performance top vintage bikes. It came with 347 c.c. two stroke air cooled engine. It came in high torque (30.5bhp) and low torque models (27bhp). It has a six gear transmission. It is packed with drum brakes and telescopic suspensions.
Though it had a great performance on road its sales were not great due to its high cost and high fuel consumption.

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Royal Enfield’s Army Bullet:

If you read the above story about Royal Enfield you will understand that Royal Enfield bikes were first made for the military purpose. That’s even one of the reasons its name was made Royal Enfield (as it was used by the Royal army). Royal Enfield also served Indian army. Royal Enfield’s bullet is is a loyal and reliable friend of army forever. This is a special entry in our top vintage bikes list.
The Army Bullet is known for its bulletproof body with simple mechanics and high reliability. It became the most reliable friend of army men at the times in the field and patrolling. It was first used in 1950’s.The model designed in 1955 was continued for many years. The company is still producing military grade bullets for the army. It is updating technology and improving performance constantly.
The bullet first came in 350 c.c. and later 500 c.c. was also used by the Indian army.  The models came with 346 cc and 499c single cylinder engines respectively. The bikes have four gear transmissions. They had a sturdy body and fork suspensions. Since then body shape and frame is kept same but further advancements were made in the engine, piston, self-start etc
Do you know that Indian army created a Guinness book record by balancing 58 people on a 500cc Royal Enfield? This simple fact is enough to justify this entire section. You can read about it here. Till date, Royal Enfield is the most spotted bike in the army this shows the consistency maintained by the manufacturer.
If you have a good condition vintage army bullet then your collection is a gold class of top vintage bikes.

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